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Loans, in general, can have many names, some are called express loans and fast loans and others are called payday loans direct lender- More about the author. The word mini loan generally does not say much about the size of the loan because it is still the loan provider that defines which loan amounts are included in the term mini loan. There are several loan companies that have defined a minimum loan as a loan amount between 3,000, – and 50,000, – so it is entirely up to the individual loan provider.

What does a mini loan cost?

Just as it is the loan provider that determines the loan amounts, it is also the loan provider that determines the price of the loans, and the mine loan is not necessarily more expensive or cheaper another type of loan such as. ekspreslån. The price of the loans can vary widely between the individual loan providers, but it also depends on the amount you want to borrow. The smaller the amount you want to borrow, the greater the cost of incurring the loan, understood in the sense that, for example, 500, – to take out a loan with a loan company, then 500, – of the desired loan amount of 5000, – will be considerably more than if you want to borrow 50,000, – and thus the proportion of the creation costs on the loan will be larger on a smaller loan compared to a larger loan.

Who can get a mini loan?

In principle, everyone can get a mini loan approved, but the loan companies often make some demands on the borrowers. The requirements are often that the borrower must be Danish citizen, resident in Denmark and not be registered in the RKI. These limitations make the loan providers on my loan because they must have as much security as possible to get the money back that you have lent.

Other restrictions on getting a mini loan approved may be that the loan company considers that the borrower is not sufficiently solvent in relation to being able to repay the loan, or that the purpose of the loan is frivolous. If the borrower may indicate that the borrowed money is to be used on city trips during the Easter holiday, this may be the reason why the loan application is rejected by the loan company.

Who offers the mini-loan?

There are many providers of the so-called mini loans, and some are more serious than others, and some charge excessive fees to lend the money, so it may be good to look ahead before borrowing for a given APR, but of course, Also be the only option for you.

If you look for a mini loan, you may also be able to search for other types of loans, as many of the other loan types are largely the same as the so-called mini loans, there is often not much difference between the individual loan terms. Then you will not be approved in one place, so you may be another, but it can take a long time to fill in the many loan home pages manually, and you may, therefore, benefit from our automatic loan application system, which sends to several loan companies at the same time.

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