Comparison of repurchase of credit, why it is necessary?

At this time when credit interest rates are at their lowest, we can read everywhere that the moment is opportune for the repurchase of loan? But before accepting without thinking the first proposal, think about comparing the different offers. Here we give you the keys to make the right choice.

Compare to beat the pitfalls

Compare to beat the pitfalls

The offers to buy back credits that are made to you are not always very explicit, even if they should be. Finely compare several proposals, based on the Total Effective Rate (TEG), the amount of insurance, the monthly payment, the duration of the credit. By comparing several proposals, you will be better able to find clarification in certain offers. And do not hesitate to ask for more information. Be careful to compare what is comparable, including differentiating between fixed and floating rates, which are often more attractive initially but vary over time. For this appointment on a comparator site buy back credits .

Compare to find the offer that suits you

Credit surrender comparison

Before you start a credit process, it is important to clearly set your goal: you want to reduce your monthly payment? You want to reduce the duration of your credit? Do you want to group several credits? Because you can receive proposals very attractive but ultimately do not meet your expectations.

By comparing the offers of different financial institutions, you can then find the proposal that best meets your expectations. Do not forget to compare the prepayment details , because if you are hoping for an increase in income or a large inflow of money to pay back your loan faster, it is important to compare what it can cost you, sometimes with surprises in mind. the key.

Compare to negotiate

Finally, comparing offers allows you to negotiate. If you have chosen a financial institution but its proposal can be improved, do not hesitate to negotiate, comparison in support, to benefit from a small effort on their part. Depending on your situation, some institutions easily agree to make a proposal at the same level as the most interesting you have found.

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